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"People can try to label me ,they are usually wrong & I don't even care -
I write, create  & play whatever I want .I don't cater to anyone or any thing-
I live to create with no rules , no boundaries- follow no one except  my muse"--
             Michael Ubaldini
New Video - Austin Texas Overnight For A Year
Song Of Our Time
Bells Of Harmony
A Clean Mind
Free Speech Blues
The Offended
New Winds Of Change
Badge Of Freedom
Live at Bluebird Cafe Nashville TN
Black Diamond Train-new video 2022
The Ballad Of Brian Jones
'Peace Sign'-New video

Live informative interview

on Blast TV -Michael performing live on


The Last Honky Tonk

Mrs.Johnson,Simpson & Tucker

Jeanie Lees Phone  


Talkin' Schizophrenic Blues

Just Go on Home


(Lifetime of) BAR BAND DUES

Faces All Over town
1913 Massacre -
(Woody Guthrie Song)
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