First Pressing of the classic album!!

            'The Earwigs'
        Lost Debut Album
    'the Phantom /Gold Star tapes'
           Limited edition Vinyl
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Hand numbered

   Limited hand numbered  edition
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                     A Short history


Michael Ubaldini's teenage band 'The Earwigs' recorded an album and single in 1981.

A lone 45 RPM single was released from those sessions  in January 1982.

"She’s So Naive’/’Here Come The Earwigs’.

(Now a desired & sought after  collectible selling up to 400 dollars on the market) .

The album never was released as the label who was to release it closed shop. This most sought after & mysterious album of it's era had been collecting dust on reel to reels ......until now!

It was mastered and pressed at the legendary

 Gold Star recording Studios in Hollywood.

Home of Eddie Cochran –The Beach Boys &

Phil Spector's ‘Wall of sound ’which was right up The Earwigs alley. The single was played all over Southern Cal Radio by cutting edge punk rock and new music record spinners on Rodney Bingenheimers ‘Rodney On The Roq’ show &

Sue Minks KNAC ‘New music show’  . Sue and Rodney  worked The Earwigs into the rotation on their shows  by playing  cassette tapes of the bands unreleased album and single-Sue Mink was especially supportive –playing the band regularly and interviewing them on the air- and since the band was broke and teenagers- she asked for listeners to start an “Earwig fund’ to get something pressed .That is how a rock n roll band with no album pressed became one of the most influential bands on the Orange County & LA county .

You  can now hold in your hands & spin on your turntable the debut album that never saw the light of day & sat  on 'analog reels' for 40 years.

Sixteen blistering tracks that pre-dated Wild Billy Childish's The Milkshakes and also preceded later on bands  The Strokes, Vines,& The Strypes by decades .The Earwigs  had a large following mostly  filled with out cast kids  &  a strong female following who screamed their lungs out for the band sometimes even attacking them on stage ( an infamous Holiday Skate rink incident  in Garden grove CA a show  never to forget -  a rare type of  reaction for a Punk rockabilly /Mod  influenced band in that era

 not to mention infamous  police shut down club riots at The Cuckoos nest turned 'Concert Factory').They had a rebel guy fan base as well since the Earwigs were like a real life grittier version of SE Hinton novels 'The Outsiders & Rumble Fish' and hung out with their fellow rock n roll brothers as if they were all one big gang.

Then the Band as fast as they burst on the scene ..........disappeared without a trace.

Well now The legendary 1981 vinyl because of heavy demand is now finally to be issued from the original analog tapes in a first pressing 40 years later and sounds timeless never dated and could have been recorded yesterday!

You will own this piece of west coast  Punk rock n roll history now - spin the platter -play the platter -drop the needle and  let the hot wax burn your turntable-and make sure ya'......

Turn it Up!

Back cover (2).jpg
        Lost Debut Album
    'the Phantom /Gold Star tapes'
           Limited edition Vinyl
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